Make a personal, professional and social impact during ≥ 1 month abroad.

Join the Social Impact Track


Skill-based Social Impact project in South Africa towards a high-impact way of volunteering

The Social Impact Track offers the unique combination of contributing your skills to a local social impact organisation as well as developing essential self-leadership skills during the Personal Leadership modules. The Track is aimed to equip you with the skills, cultural awareness, and global perspective needed to excel both personally and professionally while creating a positive impact on society.


The Social Impact Track will help you to...


We use workshops, outdoor learning and reflection moments to maximise your learning

We celebrate the power of play, because true learning arises from engaging with the world around us. 

Social Impact Track


Personal Leadership

Little Lions Project Examples

Personal Leadership will help you build resilience, manage energy, and establish assertive communication for strong relationships. It empowers you by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and limiting beliefs.


Module 1: Personal Brand

Module 2: Expand Yourself

Module 3: Manage Your Energy

Module 4: Being Assertive

During the matchmaking, we assess project compatibility and participant availability, considering skills and Little Lions’ current needs. Following are examples of past and potential projects:



Example 1: Marketing & Communications

Example 2: Fundraising

Example 3: Legal Advisory 

Example 4: Strategy Consulting




We've based our development program on fundamental guidelines and concepts

Functional Learning

We embrace functional learning, because we want to grow practical skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied in everyday working situations. We offer digestible learning experiences so you can learn on the go, whilst gaining quality feedback on a regular basis.

Collaborative Mindset

We stimulate a collaborative mindset, because we understand the value of working together and the power of connections. Emerge in a supportive community, that promotes growth, long-lasting relationships, and learns from each other.

Power of Play

We celebrate the power of play, because true learning arises from engaging with the world around us. By fostering joy and curiosity we aim to blend personal and professional growth. Our learning experience stimulates everyone to freely experiment and express creativity.

Continuous Approach

We fuel growth through a continuous approach, because the best moments to learn are when you are open-minded, happy and curious. Get ready for the future of work, where learning becomes an integral part of your daily professional life.

Meet your coach: Ekipa Lisa Rodger

Ekipa is an experienced facilitator, with a solid management and business background who easily creates deeper connections and is always open for an intellectual challenge. She’s driven by the limitless desire to explore and grow, and above all, to help others do the same.


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