Frequently Asked Questions

Sweet Spot

We foster job happiness by connecting the changing needs of companies and employees. 


Through our Remote Development Experiences, we offer an innovative way of learning that places professional and personal growth at the center. Our program provides young professionals the opportunity to develop themselves through participating in workshops on personal leadership and soft skills, alongside our community of other professionals for 1 month, while working remotely abroad.


Inspired by the possibilities of remote work and their own personal experiences in this field, the company was founded in 2020 by Joost Verhage and Marleen Verweij.


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The Experience

Every four weeks, you have the opportunity to participate in a Sweet Spot experience in one of our locations: Barcelona in European summer, and Cape Town in European winter. Please note: the Social Impact Track only takes place in Cape Town and, therefore, only during the European winter.


The exception is the Remote Team Track. The Remote Team Track is 100% custom-made and can start on any date you prefer.

Visit the  How it works page for start dates per location!

The duration of the experience is 4 weeks. However, there are also ways to stay longer. Please contact us through the Contact Page to discuss the possibilities.

Groups typically consist of 10-15 people. This way, you get to meet many new people, but the group is still small enough to get to know everyone and maintain a sense of unity.

For Professionals

Professionals join us from a wide variety of industries and have diverse professional backgrounds. It’s a great mix ranging from team managers, to developers, to consultants, to marketers – just to name a few. The minimal work experience required is 1 year (average working experience is 3-8 years).

Development Tracks are chosen based on what professional goal you want to achieve:


  • Do you want to strengthen your personal leadership skills and develop your communication and leadership skills, while working remotely abroad? Then make sure to join the Talent Track.
  • Do you want to gain (part-time) work experience at a Social Impact organisation in Cape Town and develop your personal leadership skills, while working your regular job remotely? In that case, our Social Impact Track is the right fit.
  • Are you interested in the Remote Development Experience, but prefer to participate with your entire team or company? Then our customised Remote Team Track is the ideal solution. solution.

Joining a Sweet Spot experience is simple! Enter your details here or reach out to us via phone. We can answer any additional questions you may have, help you choose what Development Track is best for you and then officially reserve your spot on a Sweet Spot experience.


Important: we can offer support to make your business case with your company. If you need to get official permission to participate, we will work with you one-on-one to help you pitch Sweet Spot to your company so they feel confident in your ability to thrive both personally and professionally while developing and working abroad. We are known for overcoming all of the concerns managers or HR may have when it comes to working remote.

Upgrades to fully-private accommodation are possible. Drop us a call or send us a message to see how we can accommodate your wishes!

Guests are more than welcome to visit during the Sweet Spot experience. Please note that there will be some limitations and additional fees for visitors staying in accommodations and taking part in network events. Additionally, we can’t always guarantee accommodations having extra beds or space for guests to stay, so they should prepare to make their own arrangements.

For Companies

Living and working abroad is without a doubt an amazing and fun experience. However, the goal of this trip is not to party. Our participants join us to develop themselves – both personally and professionally, and expand their network – again, both personally and professionally. Although it could be a great alternative to a sabbatical, it can definitely not be mistaken for one.

It’s easy! Enter your details here ; we will contact you as soon as possible.

You’re at the right address. Our customised Remote Team Track is the ideal solution. You can decide on length, destination, purpose of the experience, and number of people yourself – we will take care of the rest.

The Investment

Program costs will vary depending on the Development Track chosen, destination, and seasonality. Send us a message to determine the costs of your chosen program!

It’s up to the company and the employee how costs are divided. Since the program is centered around the development of the employee, most companies pay for the full program with their Learning & Development budget. Others will want their employees to partially contribute in order to show their commitment.

Sweet Spot is a development program. This means that Dutch employers could have the option of reimbursing the costs of the Sweet Spot program tax-free (the ‘studiekostenregeling’ in Dutch law). We always recommend you talk to your tax advisor to learn more about your specific situation.

Safety & Support

Don’t worry. If the Sweet Spot experience cannot take place due to a new epidemic, we will always find a suitable solution that is acceptable to all parties involved. The safety of the participants is always our top priority.


Two months before your departure, we will send you all information regarding the Development Track, your accommodation, the co-working space and the networking activities by mail. You will also receive an extensive list of recommendations on where to eat, where you can exercise and play sport, which places to visit and how to move around the city. All based on our own personal and extensive knowledge of our destination cities. 

In the meantime, we’re always available for any questions you may have by mail!


During the experience

Each Sweet Spot experience has a Community Manager present on location, who will help you settle in the new city. This will be your main point of contact throughout the experience for questions concerning networking activities, the Development Track, and any other general and personal questions or concerns you may have to ensure you have the best experience. 

Any other questions?
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