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Werken vanuit het buitenland

Working abroad: 7 key insights

Working abroad? You’ve probably thought about opening your laptop from a sunny destination. But why work abroad and how does an employer view it? From Barcelona, Tom Strouken

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How to Convince my Employer to Work remotely Abroad

Scroll trough your social media for a daily dosis of stories about professionals working their normal job on remotely from a beautiful sunny location. Reading those stories can be convincing enough for you as an employee to choose the same path. Unfortunately, this is often not enough to convince your employer too. Sweet Spot not only wants to give you the best remote working experience abroad, but also helps you put down a plan to your employer.

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Starting your own NGO in Cape Town, South Africa: Meet Stijn and Iza, founders of Little Lions.

Stijn de Leeuw, a child psychologist from Amsterdam, and Iza Bessems, an entrepeneur from Maastricht, both moved to Cape Town around 2018. Though both ventured to South Africa independently and for different reasons, they are now united in the pursuit of the same goal: growing their NGO in Cape Town to improve the mental health of children living in the townships surrounding the city.

We spoke to Iza, Business Director of Little Lions, and asked her about their story.

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