What's included

A full-service Remote Development Experience

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Professional & inspiring coworking space

A workspace that facilitates productivity and a regular working structure. We have selected the most inspiring and professional coworking offices in our destination cities. You can count on:

  • Strong and reliable Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 availability
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Large, private desks
  • Call booths and meeting rooms
  • Central location in the city
  • Recreational or lounge area

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First class training & coaching

Professional training and coaching in cooperation with top-notch schools. Sweet Spot’s trainings are interactive, experiential, and personal.

Training and coaching are held on a weekly basis. Significantly less intrusive for your job compared to 1 or 2-day intensive sessions, while giving you time to apply what you learned. Learning takes time, and by taking that time, Sweet Spot creates a continuous growth trajectory during your time abroad.

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Community of professionals

A community of other ambitious professionals from across industries. You will work and learn alongside each other during your Sweet Spot experience.

Working and living abroad is a catalyst for personal and professional growth, pushing you to adapt to the unfamiliar, stretch out of your comfort zones, and learn new things. Your sense of adventure and your commitment to your career converge in Sweet Spot’s remote professional experiences.

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Learn & Share sessions & network activities

Events and trips that are fun and productive. Social and networking activities are a good way to get to know your community. Sweet Spot’s itinerary is designed to stimulate the senses and get you out of your comfort zones. This can include hiking and camping trips, weekly (networking) drinks, Learn & Share sessions, and more. Participation is always optional.

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Private room accommodation

A home away from home. We have selected the best accommodations in our destination cities. The centrally located, high-quality facilities are hand-picked by the Sweet Spot team and guarantee a comfortable stay. You have the option to stay in a fully-furnished apartment with 1-2 other professionals or you can opt for private accommodation.

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All arrangements made

Sweet Spot means zero hassle. We will make all of the arrangements before, during, and after your experience so that you can utilize your time in your Sweet Spot to the fullest.

Plus, each Sweet Spot experience has an Experience Manager present on location, who will help you settle in your temporary new city.

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