Personal Leadership Track



  • Deal with work pressure, stress & high demands
  • Find renewed meaning and joy in your work
  • Find a healthy work-life balance
  • Build and maintain high energy at work
Persoonlijk Leiderschap - Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership Track



  • Are you feeling ‘stuck’ and want to know what could help you?
  • Are you being lived by your job or social life, and want to take control back?
  • Would you benefit from new habits, but don’t know how to start?
Persoonlijk Leiderschap - Personal Leadership


In the Personal Leadership program we help you to make conscious choices that contribute to a happy (work)life. We will help you get back into the driving seat and accomplish demonstrable behavioral change in order to build and maintain high energy at your job and in your personal life. In collaboration with the best neuroscientists and experts, our program is designed to help you towards a sustainable way of living and working.


Through a combination of pre-work, group discussions and personal coaching, you are going to determine what you want to work on and how you are going to achieve these goals.


In small steps, you will work on creating more self confidence, mindfulness, energy and relaxation, while going on an unforgettable adventure!

Program Design

Persoonlijk leiderschap training

Determine what you want to work on

Every professional is unique and experiences different challenges in life. Therefore:

  • Our coaches will help you to determine which personal and professional goals you want to achieve;
  • Ensuring that your learning process builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to change.
Persoonlijk leiderschap training

Experience the power of small steps

Defining goals is one thing, how to achieve them is a different ball game. Therefore:

  • We guide you to work on one challenge at a time, in small steps;
  • Ensuring that your learning experience is sustainable and results in demonstrable behavioral change.
Persoonlijk leiderschap training

Personal qualities

Discover which personal qualities form the foundation 

of your behavior.

  • Which personal attributes best describe you?
  • Which attributes you wish you had more of?
  • What does the Best Version of You look like?
Persoonlijk leiderschap training


Find renewed meaning in work by discovering and strengthening your core values and principles.

  • What are your core personal values?
  • What are your goals, based on those values?
  • What do you want to be remembered by?
Persoonlijk leiderschap training


Create sustainable habits to better cope with stress 

and difficult situations.

  • When have you showed resilience?
  • What are your effective and ineffective habits?
  • What should you start, stop, and continue doing?


  • Biweekly (off-grid) group sessions alternate with individual coaching sessions, where participants can dig into certain areas in a safe and private way
  • NLP techniques form the core of both group and private sessions
  • Weekly homework assignments encourage on-the-job-practice
Persoonlijk leiderschap training


  • Our successful method combines personal coaching and group discussions with actively building new routines for 10 min per day.
  • In the personal coaching sessions and group discussions you determine which personal and professional goals you want to achieve, and reflect on your progress.
  • A key addition to the coaching is our mobile app, that allows you to work on these goals on a daily basis. In the app you select challenges that correspond with the topic that you want to work on. You can choose from 27 challenges in 5 different areas: self confidence, mindfulness, energy, mindset and relaxation.

Sweet Spot’s unique concept: benefiting from an optimal environment to cultivate learning & development

Sweet Spot remote work abroad Barcelona Cape Town

What makes our training unique is that we combine the element of being abroad with professional training. Being away from the distractions and routine of life back home gives professionals the headspace to dive deep into their work, as well as themselves, and learn something new.


By placing themselves in a completely different environment for an intensive period of time, professionals have the opportunity to learn, to experiment, and to grow.

Meet our coach

Sanne Stuurman
BLCN accredited Lifestyle Coach with 15 years of coaching experience.




Leadership training

Anna Serraïma Petit


Maria Trias


Meet the trainer

  • Accredited by the UK coaching organization
  • Specialized in Executive Leadership Development coaching
    and Corporate Wellbeing coaching
  • Background in Special Forces
  • >20 years of Executive experience
  • Post-graduate MBA Leadership & Strategy
Persoonlijk leiderschap training

Meet the coach: Sanne Stuurman

  • BLCN accredited Lifestyle Coach 
  • 15 years of coaching experience

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