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Remote Development Experience

The week in Berlin is focused on collaborating, connecting, and exploring. You’ll collaborate from a dynamic co-working space while exploring the city together and bonding with your team and colleagues.

Berlin boasts a vibrant energy, cutting-edge workspaces, breathtaking cultural sights, and, importantly, easy accessibility by train. Choosing Berlin not only allows us to immerse ourselves in its multifaceted city but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Assemble a team – or sign up individually

Form a team of maximum 8 individuals, with the freedom to create cross-functional teams that don’t necessarily follow the Knab team structure. If you don’t have a team to join, don’t worry! We will match you to teams that have less than 8 members.


Step 2: Choose several start dates.

New teams can begin their adventure every Saturday. Use the application link sent out by the Knab Berlin-team to communicate which start dates would be an option for your team. The more start dates you identify as options, the higher the chance your team gets the opportunity to secure a spot!


Step 3: Seek approval from your team lead

If you are without a team or have assembled a group that isn’t your usual Knab team, please consult with your team lead to ensure that the dates you wish to join align with your work obligations and responsibilities.


Step 4: Receive suggested booking

The Knab Berlin-team will do its best to match your start date preference against available options. This means that you will either receive a confirmation, or a request to pick a new week or team.


Step 5: Confirm suggested booking

If you have a valid option, the final thing to do is to confirm to the Knab Berlin-team from who you have received the suggested booking. After that, you are all set for Berlin.

The registration is now open!

Yes, individual registrations are also possible. The ‘Knab Berlin-team’ will do its best to ‘match’ you to a week that has spots left.

We will close the registration and booking process on Wednesday July 12th EOD. We expect a lot of requests, so please prepare to respond quickly and to be willing to look at new options if we can’t match you to your desired start date.

Registrations are just a first step, subsequently the matching will start. First-come does not mean first-served, as long as you apply within the first week. If you apply after the registration deadline of July 12th, the first available slots might already be matched and gone.

Yes, if they are assigned to a full-time role in Knab Operations. Again, the designated team lead has to approve.


Travelling by train is not only the most convenient and cost-effective choice but also the only sustainable option. Therefore, take the train! 


You will be responsible for booking your return ticket to Berlin. Tickets for the train can be purchased at NS International. Tip: consider the night train from Amsterdam to Berlin.

No problem if you can’t join on Saturday! As long as you’re present from Monday to Friday, you’re all set.

The accommodation is a 10 minute walk from the train station Ostbahnhof. 

Berlin is quite similar to Amsterdam, where walking, biking, sharing scooters or public transport are options to go about the city. Approximately 1 week before departure you will receive an information booklet with more details on this topic. If you can’t wait much longer, you can find more information via this link.


Knab will cover the expenses for: 

  • Housing
  • Co-working space
  • Basic insurance regarding accommodation and co-working space
  • Organised welcome dinner
  • Social activity

You will be responsible for purchasing your round-trip train ticket to Berlin and for covering any additional living expenses, such as lunch, dinner and drinks.

Additionally, make sure you have travel insurance with an opt-in for the additional cover for business trips.


You will stay at Locke East Side Gallery (Mühlenstraße 61-63), which is conveniently situated just a 10-minute walk from the Ostbahnhof train station and directly at Berlin’s most popular attraction: the Berlin Wall.

The co-living provides a 24-hour front desk, a small gym on the top floor and a restaurant & bar on the ground floor. It also offers the possibility to rent bikes. Moreover, your studio will have: 


  • Air Conditioning & heating
  • Bed linen & towels
  • Queen Size bed
  • Closet space 
  • Small desk
  • Small kitchenette to prepare a basic meal
  • Private en-suite

More information can be found here.

Check in time is from 4 pm.

This is not an option. Should you wish to arrive before the start date or extend your stay, this is possible if you make your own arrangements. 

Coworking space

A co-working space is a shared workspace where individuals from different companies, professions, or remote workers come together to work in a communal environment.

You will work at the co-working space Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park, (Lohmühlenstraße 65).  

Knab will have its own private office within the coworking space. You will be given your own private desk with a monitor. A mouse and keyboard will not be provided for, so bring them from home if you need it.

There will be phone booths available in the coworking space that you can use for private meetings.

The co-working space has a front-desk, a restaurant, and communal areas to spend your breaks in. For more information, check

Commuting between the co-living and the co-working space is easy, e.g. walking (24 mins), biking (11 mins), or taking public transportation (21 mins).


For questions for Knab, e.g. related to the registration process, please contact the Facilities team. They will make sure the question gets forwarded to the right person in the Knab Berlin-team (consisting of Marcel van der Kuil, Harald Ronge, Dirk de Villiers, Jesper Voorendt, Thomas Evers and Edo Botterman).


For questions regarding the program, the housing, the co-working space, or any other question you may have regarding the experience, feel free to contact Sweet Spot at Before you do, always check the FAQs to see if your answer is there.

  • What must I bring?
    Check before you depart what the temperature is in Berlin to determine what clothes to bring. Pack like you would for any stay abroad, but do not forget to take the following with you:


  • Passport / Identification Card
  • Laptop
  • HDMI cable
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Noise cancellation headphones (if you have them)
  • Swimwear/ sports gear
  • Credit card
  • Insurance documentation


You do not need to bring bed linen or bath towels. These will be provided in the apartment.


This week is intended for you to connect with your colleagues. Therefore, partners are not allowed to join. 

You can, as long as your team lead approves.

In general, cancellation is not permitted unless you have written confirmation from your team lead due to special circumstances (no details are required).

You can change places with a colleague, but only after aligning with the ‘Knab Berlin-team’ and your team lead.

Approximately one week before departure you will receive an information booklet filled with insider tips about Berlin. If you can’t wait any longer to start exploring, visit this website. Moreover, we are inviting everybody to share tips (and photos!) via the social channels at Knab.

Berlin is a very international and cosmopolitan city. You will be able to manage yourself with English, just like in Amsterdam. However, this might be a great opportunity to brush off your skills with the German language! Tip: try to do a few rounds of warming-up in the free Duolingo app!

  • Take good care of yourself and your belongings
  • Don’t be a stranger – let people know where you are, if you’re not at the co-working space or at the co-living. 
  • Live the KNAB values and be supportive to your colleagues.

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