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We foster Job Happiness

We understand the importance of job happiness. Both for you as an employee, as well as for your company. We therefore connect the changing needs of companies and employees through our Remote Development Experiences.

When it comes to work, life, and growth, we think beyond trade-offs. Based in Amsterdam but on the road discovering new Sweet Spots, we’re committed to discovering new ways for professionals to develop and grow

We are…

Meet the Sweet Spot team

Sweet Spot-Joost Verhage

Joost Verhage | Co-founder

Why Sweet Spot?


For many years, I have had an amazing work experience in Amsterdam followed by an incredible life experience during a sabbatical in Barcelona. Going forward, I want it both and I want it at the same time. 


From up close I have seen my generation and the next struggle with simultaneously getting most out of their career and their life. The consequences are usually not pretty, neither for the employee nor the employer.


At Sweet Spot we highly believe in development, both professional and personal. Finding a way to create a win-win for employer and employee is a challenge that we are excited to take on. 


Let’s find the Sweet Spot together!

Marleen Verweij | Co-founder

Why Sweet Spot?

My whole adult life I have felt the urge to seek adventure abroad, characterized by being away for months at a time. In the form of assignments abroad and, later on, working fully remote in Latin-America I continued to quench this thirst.

Being abroad has never stood in the way of me getting promotion or making a career. On the contrary. Every time I returned home, I took with me a suitcase full of energy, motivation and personal growth. Making me not only a happier person, but also a better performing employee. 

I wish this experience to every professional, just as I wish every employer the opportunity to create this sweet spot for their employees.

Will you join us on this journey?

Myrthe Zondag

Myrthe Zondag


Julia Muller


Jole Kooijman

Community Manager

Qayshara Dyson

Operations Manager

Max Klijsen



Ignace Hermans


Klaas Osse


Ekipa Lisa Rodger 


Grace Kazaji

Research Intern


Tessa de Haas

Trainer / Coach

Juan Carlos Garcia


Maria Phalime


Sweet Spots Partners

Sweet Spot is a concept established in cooperation with Lustrumfiesta.

All of our experiences are fully CO2 neutral through the reforestation project of Corekees

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