Take your job abroad for at least 1 month to develop yourself.

Volunteer part-time at a NGO Project.

NGO Track



  • Leave all of your comfort zones behind
  • Bring your skills to the table to make an impact
  • Gain new perspectives on the challenges & possibilities out in the world


In the NGO Track, professionals donate their professional skills to assist nonprofit organizations. This provides a tangible, high-impact way of volunteering abroad, combined with individual coaching sessions that simultaneously foster personal and professional growth.

We offer two types of projects, so whether you’re looking for a part-time project, to go alongside your regular job, or a full-time NGO opportunity – we’ve got you covered!

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why our Future Leaders Track hones in on your employee’s natural gifts, their particular way of being in the world, the unique value they bring to the table. We offer a growth process towards an authentic leadership style in four different areas.

NGO Sweet Spot

Little Lions

Providing free mental health workshops to children in townships around Cape Town, the mission of Little Lions is to normalize mental health conversations. Read everything about their organization here.

You can help!

Together with a group of Sweet Spot professionals, take on a project to increase Little Lions’ impact.

  • Minimum 8h per week
  • Sweet Spot group project


NGO Sweet Spot


RLabs helps social businesses to succeed. Their mission is to create systems and environments that positively impact as many lives as possible. Read everything about their organization here.

You can help!

Become part of a local social project team and do everything in your power to help them succeed.

  • Minimum 24h per week
  • Individual placement


  • Interactive sessions
  • Personal experiences and challenges of participants are the starting point
  • Weekly homework assignments to activate on-the-job-practice
Leadership training
Sweet Spot remote work abroad Barcelona Cape Town

Sweet Spot's unique concept: Learning in a different environment than usual.

By placing yourself in a completely different environment for an intensive period, you give yourself the opportunity to learn, to experiment, and, most importantly, to grow.


Unique about our NGO Track is that we provide personal coaching to each participant. Through this coaching, you will set personal goals, learn how to overcome cultural differences, and receive guidance on how to better cope with difficult situations.

Meet the trainer

  • Seasoned executive professional with over 20 years of experience in consulting and industry 
  • Professor at the ESADE Business School and EADE Business & Law School
  • Education:
    • MBA in Management (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)

    • MBI in Management (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)
    • Master of Sciences in Civil Engineering (Universidad de Granada).
Leadership training

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We are happy to help you formulate your development goal as clearly as possible in a personal consultation, so that you know which module of the Future Leaders Track suits you best.

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Download our Little Lions Case study

Wondering how you can contribute and what you can expect when you participate in a NGO Project? Fill out your contact details, download the Little Lions case study and learn more about the different projects and experiences of our participants. 

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